Zaira Wasim Molested Accused Arrested Today Morning

Zaira Wasim Molested Accused Arrested Today Morning

MUMBAI: The accused, who allegedly molested the airline with Zaira Waseem, was arrested for the film’s dengal activist. His Mumbai police arrested him on Sunday evening. It is named after Vikas Sachdev, who is 39 years old. Zayara shared a Live Video with an Instagram account referring to the event itself.

POCSO filed underlying case

– Deputy Commissioner of Police Anil Kumar said that the accused Vikas Sachdev will be produced before the court on Monday.
Senior police inspector Lata Shirts said that the case has been filed against the development under section 354 of the IPC and Protection from Children from Sexual Offenses Act.

The accused has defended himself

– The developer of the molestation told the police that he had gone to Delhi funeral. Tired of being tired due to lack of rest for a long time. ”
According to businessman Vikas, he was not able to talk to the cabin crew asking for blanket to disturb the aircraft. He did not even ask for a flight.
Some officials of the Expara Airlines also said during the interrogation that the development was stuck for full time.
– Vikas said that as soon as his foot touched Zaara, he immediately apologized. According to the development claim it did not do this knowingly.

Extra apologizes to Zaire

– Expanded Airlines has apologized to Zaire for the incident. “It’s very sad that the incident involving Zaire, traveling on our flight on Saturday night, on Saturday night is very sad,” said a statement released on Sunday evening. We are most alert about this case and are fully assisting the authority involved in the investigation. ”
It was further told by airlines that, “In this matter a primary report has been sent to DGCA. Police will also be given the necessary detection. ”

‘He was touching my waist and dock for 5-10 minutes’

– After reaching Mumbai airport, Zayara recorded a video in the mobile, in which she is crying. He gave information about the whole event, sharing this video to the instagram account.
– Zaira wrote that, “I was traveling from Delhi to Mumbai. Around me two hours on a two-hour journey to harass me. I also tried recording the phone to explain this thing well. But due to low light in the cabin I could not do this. For about 5-10 minutes, she was touching my waist and dock on foot. ”
Zaara said in the video, “I have landed in Mumbai right now. This should not happen. This is no way that you get one such experience. Do you protect the girls like this? No help came forward for help. This was a very frightening experience. ”

Zaira did not complain to the crew: the airline

– According to the news agency, Extra has said that “we will investigate the incident with Zaara.” We will also give full support to Zayra for the prosecution. In our case, we have zero tolerance policy. ”
– Extension sources told the news agency, “Zaara flight only shouted at co-passengers. He did not complain anymore. At the time of aviation, all the crew were present on the seat. After landing, the crew told Zaira and her mother that they can file a complaint if they wish, but they refused. ”

Who is Zaara?

Zaara Wasim was born on October 23, 2000 in Jammu and Kashmir. It looks like many advertisements, including Tata Sky, Nokia and Lumia.
After getting popularity with Aamir Khan’s film ‘Dangal’, he also appeared in ‘Secret Superstar’. This movie is released in August.
– Zyara, 16, has received 92% marks in the 10th standard exam in 2017.

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