Juli briskman Is This One Middle Finger Worth 100000

Is This One Middle Finger Worth $100,000?

Juli Briskman as of late stood out as truly newsworthy when she experienced President Donald Trump’s motorcade on her end of the week bicycle ride. As the motorcade passed her on the left, leaving from President Trump’s Virginia fairway, she tossed her left arm noticeable all around and flipped the President the feathered creature. After […]

Australian Scott Jones kisses his Canadian girlfriend Alex Thomas

25 Awesome Inspirational Photos Of People, Motivational Pictures

The following pictures will really inspire you to be a better person. Look at what these people did! The 13-year-old makeup artist, battling two forms of cancer finally fulfilled her dream of meeting Ellen DeGeneres. 5-year-old Tanisha Blevin holds the hand of 105-year-old Nita LaGarde as they are evacuated from a convention center in New […]