10 Celebrities Made Famous By Their Body Parts

Sometimes, you get dealt a rough hand in life. You want to make it as a famous person, try your best to excel at your field, and then the paparazzi takes five looks at you and determines that your body is more interesting than your body of work. It’s truly deplorable what this world has become.

After years of study and hard work, spending hour upon hour honing your skills and perfecting your craft, the only thing people manage to write about you in reviews is nothing short of “dat ass”. And yet these people carry on, heads held high. These people walk the walk.

To protest this filthy, filthy habit of judging a book by its cover, let’s take a look at some iconic book covers. We’ll call it an ironic protest. Why not.

Here is our list of 10 Celebrities Made Famous by Their Hot Body Parts. We have those who were spotted for their chest, but there are plenty of stars who were noticed for having killer thighs or facial features. There’s even a prominent political figure who has a surprising part of her figure that was turning heads!

Christina Hendricks’s Chest

This 41-year-old actress must find it mend near impossible to keep her chest covered up, and boasting a whopping a 32F bra size, it is no wonder that people find it hard to make eye contact with the celebrity.

Beyonce’s Thighs

Beyonce has incredible thighs. Her thighs are so thick and toned and voluptuous that they remind us that a woman doesn’t have to be a stick with chicken legs to be desirable.

Kim Kardashian’s Butt

This other TV personality/reality star (still not an actual job) is known for having anything ranging from “a curvy backside” to “a lot of junk in her trunk”.

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