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12 Celebrities Have the Worst Teeth in Hollywood

Johnny Depp s mysterious red tooth

Johnny Depp’s mysterious red tooth

We wouldn’t necessarily coin Johnny Depp’s career as a “fall from grace,” but some say the Pirates of the Caribbean star has gone from heartthrob to hot mess in the blink of an eye. He was involved in a widely-publicized 2017 divorce with actress Amber Heard, and it was during their rocky marriage when his appearance — particularly, his teeth — took an unexpected turn.

In 2015, when Depp attended the screening of the film Black Mass with his then-wife, many were taken aback when he parted his lips, revealing dental work similar to the gold caps he wore while playing pirate Jack Sparrow, plus a mysterious red tinge on one tooth.

Depp’s bridgework might make you cringe, but Hollywood is still knocking down his door. After all, a shoddy grin is nothing that an experienced prop department can’t tackle. Depp was apparently fitted for a pair of fake teeth for his 2017 role in the film Murder on the Orient Express.

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