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12 Celebrities Have the Worst Teeth in Hollywood

Don t ask Anna Paquin about her gap

Don’t ask Anna Paquin about her gap

Anna Paquin became the talk of the town when she was cast as Sookie Stackhouse in the HBO vampire series True Blood, and though vampires and teeth go hand in hand, the actress attracted a lot of attention for the space between her front teeth.

In an interview with Zooey (via Just Jared), Paquin said her gap-toothed grin is the furthest thing from her mind. “Interestingly enough, I don’t really care about my teeth,” she said, “but I think any woman on this planet could say, ‘I wish my a** was smaller, my arms were thinner and I had green eyes not brown.‘ I think anyone is as critical as they have the energy to self-obsess, but I also know as an actress you are more limited if you interfere with your looks.

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