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12 Celebrities Have the Worst Teeth in Hollywood

Madonna is grillin to tick everyone off

Madonna is ‘grillin’ to tick everyone off

Pop icon Madonna has always played by her own set of rules, flashing an attitude that is equal parts blasé, lovable, and deviant — with the smile to match.

The “Material Girl” and her gold teeth became a hot topic of discussion in 2014. She told Ryan Seacrest (via News.com.au): “Yeah, I’m grillin’ … It p****s everybody off when I wear my grill, so that’s why I wear it.” She also revealed she only accessorizes with her tooth bling when it matches her outfit, and that she “learned to eat” while wearing the dental apparatus, too.

We suspect it’s a pain to clean out all the gunk that piles up inside the dips and grooves of a grill after a hearty meal, but at this stage of her career, Madge certainly has enough funds to hire someone to keep her mouth gear sparkly.

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