19 Celebrity Stars With Most Shocking Physical Deformities

Every humans has an imperfection, even some celebrities. But are not to look at them as just flaws cause that is actually what makes us look unique. Yes, extra nipple or that unusual scar makes you look different from others. Here are 17 celebrity stars with most shocking deformities that you won’t believe.

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton started his career in the lane of comedic acting but lately has been showing off his acting skills by taking on roles like Steve Jobs in the film “Jobs”. If you think about it sort of makes sense that Kelso from “That 70’s Show” would have some weird deformity. Ashton has a condition known as syndactyly, we would describe this term as webbed fingers or toes. In this case Ashton has webbed toes. Syndactyly usually occurs in between the second and third toes and happens to approximately 1 in 2500 babies. Webbed toes usually don’t need to be medically treated unless you want to separate the two. This is what Ashton had to say about his feet while on British television, “I have connected toes…They’re slightly webbed. When everything else is this good-looking, something has got to be messed up!” The guy’s pretty confident to blurt that out while on camera but then again he his hitched to Mila Kunis, who also has made this list. We wonder if their future children would make this list one day with both of them having deformities.
Ashton Kutcher – Is and actor at the same time an investor. Ashton Kutcher was born on February 7, 1978. Yup, not just Ashton is perfect. He has webbed toes on his left foot. He has talked about his condition, “When everything else is this good looking something gotta be messed up!” he said.

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood is an American actress, singer, and songwriter, on like Lily Allen, Carrie Underwood emerged the winner of the fourth season of American Idol, in the year 2005. He has three nipples. Just like Lily Allen, she accept to go for surgery so she can remove one. She joked by saying “It just looked like a mole,” by her rep.
Carrie is an example of the true American Dream. She wins the fourth season of “American Idol”, records the fastest selling country albums in soundscan history, then goes on to win many awards including a Grammy. Carrie’s damn near flawless, except for one little thing. Carrie too… had a third nipple. Keyword had… she’s one of the only people on the list to remove their extra utter. In the early stages of her career, Carrie may have been a little to comfortable and let the people know during her American Idol that she once had an extra nipple. “It just looked like a mole,” Carrie said while shooting. Carrie definitely didn’t let Jesus take the wheel this time around, since then she took matters into her own hands and had surgically removed. Third nipple or not, Carrie is our current country music leader.

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