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44 Rare Pictures Captured at the Perfect Time #10 Will Shocking You

Ready for a Scoop

Ready for a Scoop?

Capturing the 39th position on our list of 57 unbelievable moments captured at the perfect time is this adorable photograph, wherein we see a child having a time of his life enjoying the ice-cream. But, instead of some vanilla scooping, he is treating himself with some cloud scoop. Clouds have this amazing ability to build themselves up in amazing formations. Here, they seem to scoop up in the formation of a vanilla ball, and from the angle the photo has been taken, the clouds seem to be sitting on the empty cone!
Who is Carrying Who

Who’s Carrying Who?

Landing at number 38 is this extraordinary photograph of three friends having a gala with each other. What makes this ordinary photo extraordinary is the fact that it will take you quite some time to figure out which of the two women in the picture is getting lifted by the other. Whether it’s the blonde one or the brunette one? Well, if you look carefully, it is actually the blonde woman in the middle who is getting lifted by her two friends on either side, evident from the positioning of the hands of both the women.
Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye

Next up at number 37 on our list of 62 unbelievable moments captured at the perfect time is this photograph of this genetically-mutated animal. Just kidding! In what seems to be a human being with half of his face like an eagle, actually is a photograph of a man standing behind an eagle. As a result, it seems that they share an eye, a nose and a mouth among themselves. The hair colour of the man and that of the eagle’s fur are also conveniently similar.
The Human Bot

The Human-Bot

Coming in at number 36 on our list is this human-bot ready to destroy the world. So, find your shelter! Well, no, not really! This is a photograph of just an average woman walking down the street who has been photographed exactly at the moment she was passing the nearest street-lamp, giving the illusion that those lights are functioning as her antennas!
Sneak Peek


Next up at number 35th position on our list is this monochromic beauty. Captured from behind a steel fencing, the photograph captures the exact moment the boat lands in between the torn hole of the fence. The black and white aspect of the photograph only heightens its beauty.

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