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44 Rare Pictures Captured at the Perfect Time #10 Will Shocking You

Man vs Animal

Man v/s Animal

Getting a place in the top 34 photographs on our list of 62 unbelievable moments captured at the perfect time is another hilarious capture. In what seems to be a video-game showdown between a man and a dog, this is basically a man working on his cell-phone with another person sitting beside him along with a dog. Now since the other person’s head is not visible, it seems the other person is not a person at all but a dog with a human body, playing with the remote of a video-game. It also can be viewed as the dog-face actually belongs to the man sitting in front as the face of the dog is popping out the hood of the jacket of the man.


Next up at number 33 is this objectionable photograph which a lot of people might take offense to. But hey, before you trash it, take a closer look. In what seems to be the penis of a man dangling between his legs, is actually the arm of player in the distant background. But, due to time and proximity playing with each other here, the image has become quite scandalous.
At Sea s End

At Sea’s End

Take a moment to appreciate the photograph at the 32nd position on our list. In this breath-taking moment, we see the sun as it rises/sets just between the pillars of the bridge at the sea’s end. The clam waves, the strong pillars, the vulnerable sun and the multi-shaded sky makes this photograph a million bucks.
Look Who s Driving

Look Who’s Driving

Coming up next at number 31 on our list of 62 unbelievable moments captured at the perfect time is yet another goofy photograph, where we are being taken on a ride by our driver – in this case, a dog. Well, that’s not the case if you really put off the blinders. An average photograph of a man driving his car can become crazily hilarious when his dog pops his head in the photograph to photobomb it. It gives away the impression that a whole new creature with the head of a dog and the body of a human is going on a ride of their life.
The Ape Man

The Ape-Man

Next up at number 30 on our list is this hilarious click, where we see a man entertaining himself on the couch with a magazine. Nothing’s out of the ordinary in that, right? But when he places the magazine in front of his face to read it, he is probably not aware of what the back cover of the magazine does to his body. The face of the gorilla at the back of the magazine perfectly positions itself with the body of the man, creating the image of an ape-man.

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