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44 Rare Pictures Captured at the Perfect Time #10 Will Shocking You

Strutting Down

Strutting Down

Entering into the top 24 photographs on our list of 62 unbelievable moments captured at the perfect time is another animal photograph. Yes, looking initially into the picture can be quite amazing, as it gives the impression that there’s a really elongated dog right there strutting down the road. But, that’s not the case! There are actually two dogs in the picture. It’s just that the head of the dog standing behind is hidden by the body of the dog in front, creating an illusion of the two dogs sharing one body.
The Guiding Line

The Guiding Line

Grabbing the 23rd position on our list is this image from what appears to be an amusement part. As a line of smoke trailed by a jet plane runs parallel to the roller coaster route, it creates a surreal linear pattern that is just breath-taking to watch!
Being in Someone Else s Shoe

Being in Someone Else’s Shoe

The photograph at number 22 on our list of 62 unbelievable moments captured at the perfect time is probably a clear representation of the saying “Being in Someone Else’s Shoe”, as the baby in the photograph is having the feet of the person he/she is sitting on. What is really happening here is that the baby is sitting on the lap of an adult who is lying down. As a result, when the baby is photographed from this angle, it creates an illusion that the large feet actually belongs to the baby.
Who s Horny

Who’s Horny?

Next up at number 21 on our list is this horny image (read the literality of the word). As a woman walks down among a herd of cattle, it appears that she has gotten really friendlier towards them. So much so that she has become one of them by adopting a pair of horns. The trick here is that there’s a cattle sitting right behind her, whose horns are positioned in a way that they seem to be the horns of the woman.
Kiss of Love

Kiss of Love

Grabbing the 20th position on our list next is this photograph, which oozes cuteness from every angle. A young boy’s ordinary photograph becomes extra cute when it seems that he is being kissed by a girl next to him. But in reality, the girl is actually kissing someone else behind the young guy, whose face is completely hidden and replaced by our protagonist in the picture.

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