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Is This One Middle Finger Worth $100,000?

Juli briskman Is This One Middle Finger Worth 100000
Written by Palak Patel

Juli Briskman as of late stood out as truly newsworthy when she experienced President Donald Trump’s motorcade on her end of the week bicycle ride. As the motorcade passed her on the left, leaving from President Trump’s Virginia fairway, she tossed her left arm noticeable all around and flipped the President the feathered creature.

After photos of her rebellious demonstration surfaced and she started standing out as truly newsworthy, Briskman trusted it was her obligation to advise her boss, an administration temporary worker called Akima LLC. Be that as it may, the day after she disclosed to her Human Resources division what had happened, she was unexpectedly let go.

Is This One Middle Finger Worth $100,000?

The 50-year-old mother of two additionally posted the photograph of her flipping the President off on her Facebook page, and it was that activity that the organization says disregarded their online networking approach, calling the demonstration “Licentious” and “Profane.”

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Briskman trusts this online networking approach is a twofold standard after a male associate was decried for posting on his web-based social networking, calling somebody a “f***ing Libtard a**hole” while additionally utilizing the organization’s logo as his cover photograph. He was not let go.

“How could that be any less ‘vulgar’ than me flipping off the president?” she asked the Huffington Post. “How could that be reasonable?”

Presently jobless, Briskman felt she was unjustifiably relinquished her situation for communicating her first revision rights. And keeping in mind that this appears to be vile, individuals have been focusing and praising her boldness to release her center finger. They began a GoFundMe crusade with an objective of $100,000 to help Briskman with her funds as she searches for more work.

As of composing this article, the crusade has just outperformed $87,000, which was raised by more than 3,700 individuals in the 8 days the GoFundMe battle has been live. That is over $10,000 a day!

1 Middle Finger Worth $100,000

“Juli Briskman is a motivation to all of us,” the GoFundMe page says. “This week we discovered that she was terminated from her boss for practicing her first revision rights.”

What was Briskman’s reaction to the staggering help?

“Through your liberal gifts, substantial weights have been lifted,” she says. “Much obliged to you!”

Who realized that one center finger could cause so much inconvenience, and collect so much cash?

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