10 Signs Of Pancractic Cancer

It is seriously weird that pancreatic cancer is one of the biggest reasons of death through cancer cases but every year only 2% people diagnosed. Pancreatic cancer is found most common after the age of 60 but it has been found in young people as well at the age of 20s and 30s. The pancreas is a small, only 6 inches long organ, which is situated behind the human stomach, the main job of Pancreas is to help to digest food and by releasing insulin it controls blood sugar. When Pancreas works well, you cannot notice but when it goes wrong it can affect the whole body and its functions.

It is considered difficult to diagnose pancreatic cancer at an earlier stage as Pancreas is situated so deep inside the body, that people can not feel or see earlier tumors. Either people ignore or even do not feel earlier symptoms of pancreatic cancer.

Doctors and surgeons of pancreatic cancer suggest people be serious for any of the symptoms if they feel of pancreatic cancer, people should not wait till that time the symptoms became worse, pancreatic cancer leads high death rate so it is advised to not to take risks.

Most common symptoms of pancreatic cancer that everyone should know

1. Yellow color of skin and eyes :-

It is one of the most common symptoms of pancreatic cancer, yellowing of whites of the eyes and the skin. This symptom can include alcoholism, liver failure or pancreatic cancer. Why skin and eyes become yellow, the reason is this pancreatic tumors start at the head of the pancreas, which is near to bile duct, it blocks bile duct. Bile duct, which removes bilirubin (waste of red blood cell) could not perform its job. It results in jaundice, yellow eyes, and skin. pancreatic cancer surgeons advise that yellowish eyes and skin should not be ignored.

2. Belly Enlargement :-

Stomach bloating is seemed fine when you take a big meal, but it does not stay for many days. As pancreatic tumors grow, it may become the reason for your enlarged belly. This is one of the most common and important signs women often notice but take very lightly because stomach bloating seems like a smaller thing. Doctors ask it could not be pancreatic cancer but anyhow bloating is not safe, it could be an early sign of other tumor or ovarian cancer. People should not avoid stomach bloating; it is a sign, which draws attention for the proper checkup.

3. Loss of Appetite and painful meals :-

Sometimes, we do not feel like to eat, it seems fine for only sometimes. But if you are feeling the loss of appetite for the long time, it is an early indicator of pancreatic cancer. The main thing behind lost appetite is that tumor grows in the abdomen and put pressure on nearby organs, which includes stomach. Pancreatic cancer doctors say that because of growing tumor, you may feel nauseous or full even when you did not eat for hours. Eating food may be painful too; instant stomach or abdomen pain can be felt.

4. Unexpected or unintentional weight loss :-

Loss of appetite directly leads to rapid weight loss. There is a direct connection between lost appetite and weight loss. Pancreatic cancer surgeons explain that there are many patients who lost more than 5% of the body weight in just three or four months and there was not any mentionable reason with the patients. If any individual face more than 5% loss of body weight in the time-period of six months or one year, it is an awakening alarm for the check-up of pancreatic cancer.

5. Killing lower back pain :-

As Pancreatic cancer tumor grows it does not only put pressure on internal organs but also on lower spine and back muscles, results in constant, dull pain. In the cases of women, it is difficult to understand as women are habitual for the menstrual cramps and they deal low back pain on a regular basis. So, how women may recognize the difference between menstrual cramps or pancreatic cancer pain? If the pain remains continues for long and does not end even after two-three days of the period ending, it is something serious and calls for a checkup. Lower back pain, which is intolerable for a long time, is one of the important signs of Pancreatic cancer.

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