How to Shave Your Butt Hair

How to Shave Your Butt Hair
Written by Veronica Phan

Today shaved genital area is becoming the fashion trend of men and women, but to be able to shave correctly, you also need to have the skills necessary. In fact, whether you are male or female, how to shave your butt hair also provides steps are similar: Preparation for Razoring and How to shave.

Preparation for Razoring for Remove Butt Hair

Fur trimming in the pubic area prior

Razors only designed for short hair shaved areas, if you use it for longer hair is easy to get a stuck and blunt razor. To trim hair, gently pull hair upwards from the skin and then use scissors or clippers to cut, should choose what kind of a locked safe. You can use electronic shaver instead of a drag. However, use the standard type but do not select the type of shaver with rotary heads.

A warm bath to make hair follicle softer

So will quickly remove the sealed part in the more bristle. It sounds like this is a redundant job, but it will make the process easier shave control.

  • If you do not have the time, you need to get a small towel with warm water and covered in fur on a closed area about five minutes will give similar results.
  • Those proficient often will let you know that it’s best to exfoliate, but most of the advice will point out that just exfoliation aftershave is enough. Exfoliate before shaving helps hair outward from the skin so you can shave more closely and avoid the risk of razor scratch your surface. You should exfoliate before shaving to make it pretty good for the skin.

Foaming cream not to cause skin irritation

You can use unscented shaving cream, gel or cream to foaming around enclosed areas where you want to shave. You should use creams dedicated to shaving private parts than using creams for the skin because of the use of two different creams. Do not shave the hair dry.

How to shave your butt hair

Use a new razor for cleaning butt hair

As a new razor the better the shave. If it is a multiple blade razor and soaked in liquid aloe softens the skin, it is even better. Blue or pink razors are not necessary. If it catches are not only comfortable for you to use but also safe for your skin too.

Do you not like somewhat a continuous razor? If so, please preserve blade to can reused many times. Use a separate edge to shave the genital area, and always remember to make it clean after each use. Do not leave knives to get wet – the water will make your blade and blunt rust.

Stretch the skin to shave

If you do not pull the skin, it will very cut hit your skin then shaving just fine on a flat surface. Using one hand to pull the skin and remember to remain in place for you to start shaving.

Let’s start from the position below the navel, skin stretching straight back up from the hair you want to shave. Vertical shaving depends on you. You are deciding how to style!

Shave gently and slowly

Vertical hair shaved wood will help prevent skin irritation, avoid shaving and ingrown hairs in the opposite often are not suitable for the skin. If you own sensitive skin, please shave the hair growth downwind even when doing so would take more time.
If you want to change the direction to shave is cleaner, try scraping horizontally if your hair grows vertically downward. E.g., shaving from left to right.

Remember to coat the inside of the butt!

If you ever go to the salon for waxing is sure you will realize that when employees poured hot wax on the parts you want to wax, she will ask you to “tummy” down. So she can purge all feathers in the “gaps” that you often forget this. If you want, please clean thoroughly removes hair in the butt again!
Use your hand to check that did not clean hair. Maybe time to shave, you’ll use the mirror to conspicuous but not necessarily mirror also shows you off completely. Use hand to check all directions to make sure that you removed the hair entirely.

Clean the bathroom after shaving done

If these parts scattered hairs in the shower clog drains are sure you’ll be fine all week, and garbage will be people in the teaser. To avoid situations of this irony, remember to clean the bathroom.

Above is the summary on how to shave your butt hair. Hope the article is useful to you. Please share it with your friends.

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