Is Yogurt Good For Constipation?

Experiencing with constipation is not good. Anyone can relate to this health problem. When things become worse, you probably look for something to get relief from the condition including taking some medications. Luckily, many home remedies such as yogurt can help you relieve constipation. So, “Is yogurt good for constipation?”. In this article, we will discuss this to know how does yogurt work with your constipation.


What Causes Constipation?

Constipation is known as a commonly uncomfortable health issue in which your stool gets hardened and cannot pass through your bowels smoothly. This health problem often appears owing to the intake of foods which are high in fats, preservatives in your diet, low consumption of water as well as loving healthy liquids. Constipation is also the result of lack of laxatives like dairy products, or less intake of fiber (green vegetables). If this condition becomes consistent and leaves you with painful bowel discharges when the hard stool creates bruises around your anus, you can get infections in the long term.

Many people have experienced constipation in most of their lives. This consistent health problem, in some cases, grew anal fistula in their inner tissues of the anal cavity as being injured by hard stools and getting pressure from within, which causes bleeding as well as pus formation.

What is the Relation Between Eating Yogurt & Constipation?

Is yogurt good for constipation? According to many nutritionists, all kinds of naturally fermented yogurt (probiotic yogurt) are good for health, except for the ones added preservatives, artificial sugar, and flavors. Yogurt is proved to be potent against infections and yeast infection that causes many problems in the intestines. Yogurt is known as one of the powerful foods for reducing constipation because it can help the colon in the following two ways. First, yogurt contains the lacto-bacteria which help enhance your digestion with these beneficial organisms which help to break down food.

Second, yogurt contains the acidophilus which stimulates healthy bacterial development and also reduces the bile acid production, which is a cancer-causing agent. According to researchers, in fact, the more acidophilus in the colon, the less likely we are to have health issues with our colon diseases.

Is Yogurt Good For Constipation?

Below are some benefits of yogurt that brings to you.

  • Yogurt contains many friendly bacteria known as probiotic such as Bifidobacterium or Lactobacillus that is known as a bacterial laxative to help soften the hard stool which causes constipation.
  • Yogurt can give soothing and healing effects for those who have to suffer from painful stools or stomach ulcers. The friendly bacteria in yogurt will help reduce the inflammation and the stinging and burning sensation which are caused by the ulcers.
  • Eating probiotic yogurt helps to ease digestive woes.
  • Probiotic yogurt also has galacto-oligosaccharides that help to remove the causes of constipation if you consume it regularly.

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