Is Yogurt Good For Constipation?

  • As we know, the poor body metabolism is one of the primary factors which causes constipation.
  • Therefore, consuming yogurt every day enhances the body metabolism that helps the digestive system work efficiently.
  • Besides those wonderful soothing effects of yogurt for constipation, the home remedy also comes loaded with calcium that is beneficial for our colon. Different from other dairy products on the market, like cheese or butter, eating probiotic yogurt provides your more calcium. Calcium helps to prevent the excess development of cells in our colon lining, which reduces the risk of getting cancer. According to a study, eating 1,200 milligrams of calcium each day helps to reduce the risk of having colon cancer up to 75%.

Is Yogurt Good for Constipation In Infants?

As we all know, infants are fed only breast milk, so their stool is usually soft and not smelly. Their stool can either get too loose or get constipated; however, once the parents feed them with semi-solid foods. In many cases, babies do not suffer bowel movements for several days, which may be normal. However, if a baby feels uncomfortable and cries a lot, you should feed him some probiotic yogurt. Your baby may pass stools just within a few hours. According to nutritionists, you should feed the baby yogurt between 2-3 times per day within 4-5 days, the baby’s digestive system can be back to normal. Therefore, you should add more probiotic yogurt in the baby’s daily meal whenever possible. In case of prolonged constipation more than 4 days), you must have your baby checked by the pediatrician.

The Best Smoothie For Constipation

Kiwi, Raspberry, and Apple Yogurt

Along with yogurt, kiwi, raspberry, and apple are also used for constipation treatment as well as giving laxative benefits. The soothing effect is in their peel that includes most of these fruit’s fiber content. If you want to use their peel, be sure to pick up pesticide-free, organic apples carefully.


  • 4-5 slices of raw kiwi
  • 4-5 slices of raw apple
  • A handful of raspberries
  • A cup of yogurt

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