The 75 Best Weight-Loss Tips of All Time, The Perfect Weight Loss Steps

Take A Seat When You Eat
Only eat when you’re seated at the table. You’ll do less unplanned nibbling.

Don’t Eat From The Bag
Keep your portions in control by never eating straight from the box or bag.

Snack During the Day
Save some calories for snacks between meals.

Feed The Birds
Hate to waste food? Instead of eating your children’s leftovers, save that uneaten half-sandwich for the bird feeder.

Start Your Meals With Water
Drink a big glass of water at the start of every meal to help you feel full.

Drink Water After Eating Too
End every meal with a large, filling glass of water, too.

Keep A Food Journal
Logging what you eat holds you accountable

Use Small Plates
Research shows that you’ll eat less off small plates because you’ll think you ate more.

Balance Your Meals
Don’t have a big lunch and a big dinner on the same day. If you overeat at one meal, cut back at the next.

Focus On The Positive
Don’t think about what you can’t eat. Focus on what you can eat more of: fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish, legumes, and nuts.

Make Smart Choices
Choose water-packed tuna rather than oil-packed—and you will cut calories by almost a third.

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