The 75 Best Weight-Loss Tips of All Time, The Perfect Weight Loss Steps

Be A Smart Shopper
Shop the perimeter of the grocery store, where most fresh fruit, vegetables, chicken, fish, eggs, and dairy are all located. Venture into the interior aisles only with a list in hand.

Forget Frying
Only broil, roast, or grill your fish, poultry, or other cuts of lean meat.

Don’t Serve Family Style
Make up a plate. And when people want seconds, let them help themselves.

Make Soups Ahead Of Time
If you refrigerate your soups excess fat will float to the top, making it easy to remove before reheating.

Give Away Temptation
After a dinner party, pack up the dessert and give it to your departing guests.

Spice It Up
Flavor your meals with fresh or dried herbs and spices, salsa, vinegar, or lemon.

Plan, Plan, Plan
Not having healthy options on hand (or in mind) makes it too easy to resort to fast food, especially when your family is clamoring for something to eat.

Look Up The Menu
Before going to a restaurant, check out its menu for the lightest dishes. Many places post calorie counts online.

Dress To Dine
Wear fitted clothes or a slightly tight belt when dining out. The feeling of restriction will send “stuffed” signals to your brain.

Balance The Buffet
Scope out everything that’s available at a buffet or dinner party before eating. Save about a quarter of your plate for the high-cal stuff and the rest for lighter foods, such as cut-up vegetables and hummus or mini grilled chicken skewers.

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