Top Deadliest Types of Cancer

It is a good news in medical science that cancer death rate is falling down every year, said by American Cancer Society. In 1991, when 215 individuals died from 100,000 because of cancer, now the number decreased to 23%. People die in most of the cases because of four dangerous cancers- lung, colorectal, breast and prostate, but this death rate is dropping, report by American Cancer Society.

Top Comman Types of Cancer

With the advancement of screening methods and treatments, we are capable to save lives, cancer surgeons say. Some forms of cancer are harder to recognize. Cancers on the hazardous list are the noticeable reason to result in death within 5 years of diagnosis, based on National Cancer Institute statistics.

Top 5 Deadliest Types of Cancer

  • Pancreatic cancer

    It consists lifetime risk 1 in 65, Pancreas is a small, finger-shaped organ located behind the stomach, it helps in the digestion and releases hormones like insulin which works to control blood sugar levels and metabolism.

    The average age of diagnosis is 71. If you have diabetes, a history of stomach problems or liver-cirrhosis, all these conditions produce a greater risk of the disease, which may strike later in life. Many advanced tests may assist to help in diagnosis, pancreatic cancer is still hard to detect before it spread to other organs.

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