Tympanometry – Meaning, Operation, Classes, and Prevention

Conditions in which Tympanometry should be avoided


  • If he/she has recently gone through surgery.
  • Presence of foreign particles or fluids in the ear canal.
  • In case if he/she is suffering from extreme pain in the ear.
  • In case if there is any ear discharge.
  • In case of perforated eardrums.
  • In case if the Ear canal is moist.

Results of Tympanometry

Tympanometry results help to evaluate the reason behind the hearing disorder. These test alone will not be able to define the main reason of disorder so there are a couple of tests which have to be carried together.

Tympanometry is capable to identify the quality of your eardrum, middle ear canal, and conduction bone and if you get abnormal results then proper medical treatment has to be conducted as soon as possible.

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