Weight Loss and Your Beliefs : Everything You Need to Know

Weight Loss and Your Beliefs
Written by Palak Patel

How do your beliefs impact your ability to lose weight? The answer is a lot more than you may think. If our beliefs determine our actions, then our beliefs are critical to weight loss.

If our beliefs are so important where do they come from? Take just a minute right now and pick some belief you have about diet and ask yourself where this belief came from. What is the authority behind the belief? In my experience in lifestyle coaching, I am surprised that the authority for many beliefs is nothing more than an advertisement.  Although we very clear that the advertising is designed to sell a product.

We live in a time of earth history when very few people believe in absolute truths. I believe that because we have gotten away from absolute truths there are many who are deceived by false beliefs. Consequently, these false beliefs lead to destructive behavior.

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Many of us have compromised our ability to make rational judgments by the food that we eat. Most people understand that excessive consumption of alcohol will impair our thinking. There are many other things that may not be quite as obvious that will also compromise good judgment. Dr. Blaylock in his book on excitatory toxins points to food additives that impair nerve function. Something as simple as not drinking adequate amounts of pure water can allow toxins to build up this will create a brain fog. There are many caffeinated beverages which have been demonstrated to lower blood flow to the frontal lobe which is where discernment and judgment take place in the brain.

It does not matter how passionately we believe a false belief it is still a false belief. The more we compromise the parts of our brain where we make decisions the harder it becomes to correct false beliefs. There are billions of dollars spent every year on advertising that is designed to get you to purchase products which will compromise your decision-making ability. However, there still have some weight loss products that really work such as waist shaper, big size waist trainer which can stop your appetizer and food intake.

The more than we practice false belief the more it becomes ingrained in our mind. In a sense, you could say the bad habits are formed by false beliefs. The longer you practice a bad habit the closer it comes to becoming an addiction. An addiction is defined as something that you do not have the ability to overcome without outside help.

The vast majority of the people who are overweight are overweight because of bad habits many of which have turned into addictions. Secular coaching programs seldom lead to real lasting results. By comparison, Christian coaching tends to be more rooted in absolute truths and as a result, leads to better permanent results.

When we realize the impact that obesity has on our lives we can begin to appreciate the importance of changing our beliefs to enable us to lose weight and enjoy a better quality of life. Until we realize that the extra pounds that we carry limit many of the things that we can do in life physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, and spiritually, we will never be able to make lifestyle changes that will improve our quality of life.

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