Indian Army Flag

Corps of EME

The flag has an oxford blue signifying devotion to duty. Scarlet is for sacrifice and assertion. And yellow for intelligence and magnanimous nature.

Regiment of Artillery

The red colour is common in armour, infantry and artillery. Blue colour taken from the crest of artillery is taken from Star of Indian ribbon. The field corps badge with a field gun is in gold.

Indian Army service Corps

These are horizontal stripes in black, yellow and white.

3rd Cavalry regiment

Horizontal stripes in grey, yellow and green.

Corps of Engineers

The corps badge is in the center on the white band and red and black with a narrow dimension of black at the centre.

Brigade of Guards

The brigade badge is place in red in the center. The flag is a tricolour with red on top and bottom and middle as yellow.

Punjab regiment The badge of ship is prominent in white. This badge belongs to prior to the Independence. The colour is pre dominantly in green.

Garwhal rifles

This is a tri colour in black as top and bottom. The center is saffron in colour. The Maltese cross is in black in the center.

Army Medical corps

The centre has a narrow black band. The top is in cherry red and the lower bottom is in gold. This is in 11:2:11 proportion. The material of the flag is in bunting cloth. The cherry colour is associated with health and succor. Black was the colour of Indian Hospital Corps. It signifies that no form describe life and death. The lower gold colour if Indian Medical services is depicting the God of Medicine – God Aesculapius.

Northern command

This is bold red bands on the top and bottom with a black band in the centre. The yellow emblem of the shield which originally is in the hood of the truck. The yellow arrow is a compass needle indicating the north which is one of the five divisions of the Indian Army.


The centre is white and narrow. The flag is horizontal in yellow and dark green with the edges in yellow. This is a prominent military area with much interests from Pakistan.