The 7 Technological Objects That Marked The Year 2018

Written by Palak Patel

Whatever the people who resist when they arrive, the end of the year is fast approaching. And unless a major release of a revolutionary product (disruptive-IA-block chain-Chabot-autonomous), the best gadgets of 2018 are already in the store shelves or virtual listings of e-merchants. The worst too, if the companies that produce them did not put the key under the door.

The Top 7 Technology Trends for 2018

The editorial team has agreed to make a small assessment and address his palms of the year. The objects presented here have not been chosen according to the usual criteria of buying guides who try to advise you according to a budget and specific uses. No, here, it will be about products that, roughly speaking, have made everyone agree or almost this year.



Ah, Nintendo. At a time when Sony and Microsoft are struggling to tease the players with 4K 60 FPS that almost never happens or neat audio labels, Nintendo released a console with modest features which displays 720p and up to prehistoric 1080p on a tv/ Projector and that cartons.

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It hits hard, because Nintendo understood that the technique was behind the gameplay and fun for all ages. It’s a hit, because the few games available on Switch are all nuggets. It hits hard because it takes the challenge of marrying a home console to a portable console, without either being served in the exercise. It is hard-core because it is now sold at an honest and affordable price and does not require equipment worth several thousand euros to take advantage of its capabilities.

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In short, after a moribund Wii U, Nintendo shows in 2018 that he always knows what videogame means. And if all goes well, 2018 will be the year of the explosion of records for the Switch. That’s all we wish for him.


After a year 2016 for the least problematic, Samsung rose in 2018. The giant is still entangled in a state scandal in South Korea and his fight against Chinese brands who want to take his place is just beginning, but he has finally released a smartphone whose history of tech will be remembered: the Galaxy S8. This machine is indeed the first in a long series to adopt a full-screen design on the front, with the little more Samsung playing on the beveled edges to give an impression of infinity.

The Galaxy S8 is a precursor and also, for many, a smartphone that cannot be dethroned in 2018 when it comes to industrial design. He approaches touch perfection with elegance, highlighting all the content to let the container disappear. Some defects still remain – the Bixby button, the fingerprint sensor on the back – but this smartphone has created a generation that is following in its footsteps.


2018 is also a great year for Apple: the manufacturer has released its finest iPhone for a long time and a model of all superlatives, shipping the first OLED screen to run iOS and the first biometric authentication device to really work with a face. The notch did not put all aesthetes in agreement, but again, Apple has proven that it knew how to make the very high end uncompromising, durable and updated in the long term: to none no doubt, the iPhone X will remain a reference in 2018.


There was not much time for Tesla to have a place in the top of the year 2018. And yet, it’s done: the first copies of the Model 3 were delivered to impatient customers and the production finally seems to be speed up after weeks of setbacks. In addition to being a gem of technology like his sisters, the Tesla Model 3 is a challenge in itself: by dividing the price by two of its vehicles, the American manufacturer is now addressing a wider audience.

By increasing the size of its target, Tesla has retained its mastery and its requirements: elegant vehicles, fast and pleasant to drive bombarded with sensors that, one day, will allow them to be completely autonomous. And it is precisely in this that the Model 3 is in our top gadgets of the year, Tesla finally begins a stage of his life as a company that will ensure its survival or rush to bankruptcy: democratization. We wish him the first option.

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The gadget that is not a par excellence. In 2018, 4G has been structured, broadband has increased and networks are now ready to support a new generation of cloud services. This is certainly the bet of Shadow, who offers since the spring a computer service in the cloud accessible via macOS, Windows or Android applications or a thin client to connect to a screen.

Before the end of 2018, Shadow has officially launched by reaching out to many by opening its service to ADSL connections. The fiber offer had seduced us and although there is still room for improvement, Shadow is now perfectly usable and will continue to improve. And it is not every day that French prefigure one of the uses of the computing of tomorrow.


After the beginnings reserved for semi-professionals of the drone, DJI decided to share its knowledge on many product lines. After the Mavic Pro acclaimed by critics and the public, the Spark has established itself as the reference for the drone in 2018. Compact, lightweight, ultra-versatile and equipped with stabilized optics to shoot videos in 1080p, this little drone has everything for him … for half the price of his big brother.

With the Spark, DJI has clearly shown this year that it knew how to deploy its expertise on less expensive objects while maintaining a huge requirement in terms of quality for its products. The advance of the Chinese on the market of the drone general public is now recorded: we are eager to see what it reserves us in 2018.


If this guide was English, we would be taken for prehistoric men. Indeed, voice assistants in the form of connected speakers have already been adopted in most English-speaking countries, with the United States in the lead – and Amazon’s Alexa dominates the market quite clearly. The assistants take precautions and Google has released his Home much later than its launch date. The Home Mini, he had the right to an international release and is needed in United States as the true vector of the integration of connected speakers in homes.

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Indeed, he does everything his big brother does – less sound quality – but costs only 59 $. Better yet: Google has succeeded in pushing its commercial in United States and the Google Home Mini is almost offered for the purchase of other connected objects, such as Philips Hue. If we consider that voice search is one of the medium term futures of our interactions with the web, then Google has taken the lead it took in United States to stand out.

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