How to Make HD Video Call on 3G Smartphone using Jio

Make Jio Video Call With Jiofi Jio4gvoice
Written by Palak Patel

Reliance Jio is the smartphone network that delivers high quality services in Voice call and data with 4G Network. Jio does not work with 3G smartphone well. Jio uses VoLTE Features of smartphone to give high speed internet in 4G speed. Also Jio voice calls are crystal clear since the quality matters with Reliance Jio. Many 3G smartphone users cannot use or enjoy the services provided by Reliance Jio. Using Jio network, the users can make HD Video call with the help of Jio4GVoice android app developed by them. This app can be installed on 2G/3G smartphones but due to the smartphone not compatible with 4G Network, the users cannot make HD Video calls. In this post, I am going to show you, how to make Jio HD Video call using Jio4GVoice in 2G or 3G smartphone.

Here you need to make Jio HD Video and voice call with your 2G or 3G smartphone. The basic principle we are here using is to make WiFi environment by reliance Jio with their wifi gadget (Modem) called JioFi with the help of their supporting android app called Jio4GVoice. You can download Jio4GVoice from the official website for free of cost.

Using the WiFi environment and Jio4GVoice makes your non VoLTE smartphone VoLTE enabled and call HD Video and voice call using it. Note the point that, if you are using any other WiFi network and Jio4GVoice, you cannot make video call using it. Because , Jio4GVoice only detects the Jio SIM inserted in to the JioFi modem in order to make video call, voice call, sending messages and whatever you are doing with your mobile phone.

Be Ready with

  1. JioFi Modem with Jio SIM inserted and valid data pack
  2. 2G/3G Smartphone with Jio4GVoice Installed

Before you are going to proceed, you need to note SSID of the JioFi modem which can be obtained from the inner part of JioFi modem. Just remove the battery, and you can see the SSID there. Note it, or memorize, you need to input that while connecting WiFi generated By JioFi.

Now Install Jio4GVoice on your smartphone from the above mentioned website. Then turn on JioFi modem. Now open Jio4GVoice app on your smartphone. Turn on WiFi on your smartphone and connect when WiFi detected with SSID that you are noted before. When you enter SSID, You get connected with JioFi. Now Jio4GVoice will identify the JIO SIM that are inserted on JioFi.

Next step is to configure the Jio4GVoice with JioFi. For this you need to call 1977 in the dialpad of Jio4GVoice. The associated SIM will verify the Jio4GVoice with the tele verification. After this verification process you can start using the Jio network as like your any other network.
Now you can make anything like that you are doing with SIM inserted on your phone with Jio4GVoice interface. The only difference is you are inserted JIO SIM in a virtual device.

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How to make Video call?

To make Jio Video call on your 3G phone, just go to Jio4GVoice. On dialpad, select the contact you wish to make call. Now call via call button. After connecting, you can turn the voice call to video call by just tapping the Video button on the interface. Not, you can see the receiver part in your main display section, and your end will be displayed in a small box on the top of the screen.

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