What are the Key Roles within the Big Data Universe?

When we ask what the Big Data is and what are the roles associated with it, we find endless definitions that often confuse us instead of clarifying concepts.

In this post, we will not give a formal definition, but one that fits our point of view and our experience in Big Data. We will not elaborate a long list of profiles, and we will only focus on those who play a vital role in the Big Data universe.


From the basic definition of Wikipedia…

We got to Ideas now :

  • Nowadays, data sets are generated so immense that the tools that have always served to store and process them have become obsolete.
  • Data is used to obtain useful information based on these “repetitive patterns”, which serve to analyze past behaviors and predict future responses.

On the other hand, & to give us an idea of the immensity mentioned in point 1, in the article published by IDC It is anticipated that in 2025 the total volume of the world data will be 163 zettabytes (1 trillion gigabytes). Almost nothing!

That is to say, on the one hand, we have the processing of large volumes of data and on the other the study of these data. Is that it? Is this the Big Data? Not so fast!

Big Data is a technological revolution. The fact of having so many legs makes it something difficult to define because it is many things in general and none in particular.

Moreover, its definition complicates the fact that it is a constantly evolving ecosystem. Each year it is made up of new tools, improvements and concepts that make the complexity of the Big Data world, and therefore the diversity and complexity of its roles grow.

What roles do you play in this world?

The one who presumes to be an expert in Big Data is like the one who claims to be a computer expert. The next question should be: “Expert, yes, but what branch?”

The subject in question responds again that he is an expert on Big Data. There are three possibilities. Or is a higher being, is lying to us or does not want to explain to what is dedicated in particular because to say “I’m data Scientist” or “I’m data Engineer” in general provokes a reaction of strangeness followed by a “What’s that?”, whose answer is not short.

And that answer is what we will try to develop as briefly and concisely as possible in this article (note that it can become obsolete as soon as the world of Big Data continues to evolve).

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