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10 Great Accessories to Pair with Your Ethnic Kurtis

Having multiple ethnic kurtis alone in wardrobe does not guarantee a graceful look for any women. For this, you need to have multitudes of great accessories to pair with these. Obviously, it is easy to find a whole array of jewelry and accessories in the fashion market; you can’t be sure which accessories will fit right with ethnic kurtis. While some accessories go good with Anarkali suits, the other goes good with Angrakha style of kurti. So what? Well, we have listed down 10 great accessories that could be paired with almost all kind of ethnic kurtis.

Stylish clutch

Stylish Clutch

In the world of fashion, you can easily spot lots and lots of accessories that are crafted to gain your attraction but, few are made to suit your needs just like stylish clutches. By choosing a right kind of designer clutch which could accommodate your basic cosmetics, keys and phone, you would be able to make sure that the charm of your ethnic kurtis is further intensified. Try to find the color that can gel well with all of your kurtis.


When you want to add more Indianness in your ethnic kurti look, all you need is a designer bindi. This quick fix is available in various designs and patterns ensuring that you look different each time in the same kurti. You can opt for a Swarovski bindi or stone bindi that can be paired with any color or style of ethnic kurti without a fuss.

High-heeled pumps

If you also plan to steal the hearts by wearing ethnic kurtis stylishly, you should add the high-heeled pumps in it. Why? Well, they are the most stylish footwear available in the market that adds a certain posture and stance to your personality. By having a nude pumps in your closet, you would not need any other style of footwear as they are perfect for any ethnic wear without a doubt.

Statement ring

Statement ring

In the current scenario, fashion jewelry has witnessed a big change paving way to statement jewelry just like statement rings. Having a unique pretty ring in your collection is a great way to make your ensembles even the ethnic women kurtis more gorgeous for all occasion. Multi colored stoned statement rings are the most preferred choice recently.

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