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Happy Mother’s day 2018 – 10 Things Mothers Selflessly Do for their Children

A mother is said to be sent by God to take care of all his devotees. She is the first person who the child sees when its born and the only person whose heartbeat consoles it. All mothers do is give selflessly, and all we do is take effortlessly. So this valentines day lets talk about one of the most important person in our lives, mothers, and the selfless things they do for their children.

Happy Mother’s day 2018

Happy Mother’s day 2018 – On this mother’s day We have share some amazing facts about mother and their children you can read below and share it on social media networks, Mobile apps, and messages.

Embraces The Child Before Its Born

Embraces The Child Before Its Born

Let’s start from the beginning when a woman finds out she is pregnant, she takes care of herself only for the child and makes a point to talk to her child every day. She bears the pain with a smile on her face, whether its when the child kicks or its delivery time, forgetting all about it as soon as her child is placed in her hands. I don’t think its that easy to forget the pain you go through, but somehow they just do.


Sacrifice Mom

From sleep to her favorite movie, a mother selflessly sacrifices everything for her child, just to see that small smile creep onto her child’s face. She sends her child out for movies and dinners while she sits home doing her daily chores, waiting for her child to return even at the latest hour. If there is less food she would feed her child and sleep hungry, without uttering a single word. She sacrifices her life for her child.

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