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Happy Mother’s day 2018 – 10 Things Mothers Selflessly Do for their Children



A child’s most trusted confidante is their mother. Mothers are one of the only people who keep their child’s secrets to themselves, these secrets stay with her till the end. Mothers don’t only keep secrets but also provide good and right guidance, with the guidance she provides, she determines that her child would never go on the wrong path. She plays the role of a mother and a best friend.

First And Last Teacher

First And Last Teacher

From the birth of one till their old age, a mother is their first and last teacher. She teaches her child the way of life from its birth, holding their hands through their adolescence till their old age, leading them on the right path. She starts with teaching her child how to talk, then walking, alphabets, school work, college subject and ending with teaching them the right ways of life. She ensures her child turns out to be a good and respectful person.

Mothers only give and expect nothing in return, dedicate their lives to us and forget themselves in the process, so lets do something special and show our mothers what they really mean to us.

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