10 Things Women Are Immediately Attracted To Men

Since the ability to attract a woman is seen as a greater scientific mystery than alchemy, there have been many studies on this subject. Next time you go to the club in an attempt to seduce a woman (hint: the girls you find in clubs usually aren’t the droids you’re looking for, silly Stormtrooper), take a look at these 10 scientifically proven (I’ve said so twice, so it must be true!) methods to attract the ladies. Or as we call them in “the hood”, women. 10 Things Women Are Immediately Attracted To Men

10 Things Scientifically Proven To Attract Women

10. A Ring
More specifically, a wedding ring! I guess Beyoncé wasn’t lying after all, huh?

A Ring

09. Beards
Added bonus: no more daily shaving for you, my friend!


08. Playing Guitar
What, you thought Keith Richards got laid because he looks like a Greek god?

Playing Guitar

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