Harrowing Photos That Will Give You Viewpoint On Life

12. Unbelievable Shock

Unbelievable Shock

At main looking at the photo above it appears to be a time of happiness and peace lived on the forepart.

Well, appearances can be hoodwink. The man had just survived a bombardment of his position, According to the story the man pictured above is undergoing “shell shock.”

The looks as if he is not alive by looking at his eyes and was left with a everlasting Traumatic injury. The glow in his sight is unnatural, and we don’t have to see the horrors of war to imagine what he has gone through and how close he came to his.

Allied supreme commander Ferdinand Foch ordered a counter-offensive which became known as the Second Battle of the Marne. Tens of millions was killed in the wars that marked the past century, and chances are the shot took us in Normandy, during the time of the Allied Counteroffensive.

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