Say Hello to Cinemagraphs, Goodbye Animated GIFs

An animated GIF is a graphic image on a webpage that moves – for example, a twirling icon or a banner with a hand that waves or letters that magically get larger. GIFs are a sequence of images on top of each other, as a miniature movie is always fun to watch. Be it a small portion of a cartoon, a movie or anything, they have always been heavily popular.

But Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg who are a fashion photographers, has introduced a new form which is called Cinemagraph. Cinemagraphs are like animated GIFs as far as the image format is concerned. But a big difference is that, only a portion of photographs is moving in an infinite loop while everything else is frozen in a Cinemagraphs. Cinemagraphs are published as an animated GIF or in another video format & can give illusion that the viewer is watching an animation.

Cinemagraphs are an especially mesmerizing form of art. We will take a look at 12 gorgeous Cinemagraphs in this post.

Collections of Cinemagraphs

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  • These look amazing! I am going to have to have a play with some photographs now to try and make something similar 🙂

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